List of blogs every programmer should follow

Are you looking to up your coding skills ? Want to learn about what's happening in the coding world?


We have curated a list of the best programming blogs you can follow in 2018. These blogs will help you to discover new tools and tips which will help you code better and faster.

Let’s dive into the list.

Note- This list is in no specific order

1.  The Netflix Tech Blog


You probably must be living under a rock, if you haven’t heard about Netflix. The online streaming platform has tremendously grown in the recent years.

After launching in 1997, Netflix now has nearly 118 million streaming subscribers globally. They are one of the biggest Tech companies out there. Every developer is very keen in working for them.

Hence to share their story they launched the Netflix Tech blog on Medium. You can learn more about how Netflix designs, builds, and operates our systems and engineering organisations.

2.  Code as Craft


If you are living in the US, you must probably bought something through Etsy. It’s a ecommerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies.

Similar to the Netflix Tech blog, Etsy’s engineers also share their achievements and experiences on their blog “Code a craft”.


3. Phpied


Do you want to learn more JavaScript tricks? Then you should definitely check PHPied.

It’s a blog run by Stoyan Stefanov.

Stoyan Stefanov is a Facebook engineer, ex-Yahoo, architect of the YSlow 2.0 performance tool and creator of the image optimization tool!

4. BlogsDope


It’s among the few Indian development blogs which is really provides a lot of value. Founded by Arun Kumar the blog covers most of the popular programming knowledge.

The platform has also many free courses which you can leverage even as a fresher.

5. Coding Horror


The blog was started in 2004 by Jeff Atwood. He has co-founded companies like StackOverFlow as well as StackExchange.

There are a lot of articles relating to programming and other stuff on his blog.

6. Scott Hanselman Blog


Scott is a programmer, speaker and a teacher. He has worked with companies like Microsoft & CheckFree.

He blogs about technology, culture, gadgets, diversity, code, the web and his life as a coder.

7. TechieDelight


TechieDelight has over 900+ articles around programming. You’ll find snippets of codes, tools and much more.

The cover languages such as Java, C++ etc.

8. MongoDB Blog


Used MongoDB?

Then you probably came across the articles on MongoDB site. If you need any help MongoDB, the blog is the best place to visit. There is a lot of content other than MongoDB too.


9. Xaprb


Do you know Baron Schwartz?

Baron is a software engineer who’s known for his contribution to the MySQL Database. He is currently the founder and CTO of VividCortex.

If you want to follow his journey, make sure to read his articles at Xaprb. He writes about technology, entrepreneurship and much more.

10. LinkedIn Engineering Blog


You probably must have used LinkedIn. But do you know the engineers and tech behind the platform?

Want to know more?

Then you should probably must read the LinkedIn Engineering Blog. Recently they had shared the complete study as to how did they build the contacts platform.

11. Facebook Code


Similar to Netflix & LinkedIn, Facebook’s engineering team also shares some update on their blog “Facebook Code”.

They also have Video resources section in their blog. Recently they have published some great articles on AI Research. Make sure read them.

12.  Twitter Engineering blog


Twitter is one of the top companies in Tech. They have a great and innovative tech team.

As an engineer I would recommend you to check the Twitter Engineering blog. They share interesting stories on a regular basis. A while back they spoke how they were using Neural Network for smart cropping.

13. DropBox Tech Blog


Wouldn’t you be interested in knowing the tech behind one of the largest and first cloud platform?


Then probably you might be interested in learning more about the tech they have sued. They share a lot of case studies on their blog. You’ll probably love the blog if as a Data Scientists. Lots of interesting stuff.

14. Sitepoint


SitePoint is one of the well renowned website  for programmers. There are about 240+ ebook & resources on the platform.

The blogs mostly covers topics like Wordpress, Web & JavaScript etc.

There’s an active forum too.


15. StickyMinds


StickyMinds is one of oldest blogs on testing.

Launched in 2001, StickyMinds has been the go to place for software testers, QA professionals, and anyone interested in software testing go for in-depth articles, how-to advice, and the latest test technologies.

Highly recommended for software testers.

16. Mozilla


You have definitely used the Mozilla Firefox browser.

The Mozilla blog is one of the best blogs to follow in order to be updated with the latest trends in  the Internet. You can also read about the latest Mozilla releases, Events etc.

17. CodePen Blog


CodePen has been a great asset for programmers for years. There blogs are equally as well. They cover thinks like challenges, events, conferences etc.

The blog is especially useful for Web Developers.

18. A List Apart Blog


Are you a web developer?


Then you’ll love this blog. The blog is especially useful for developers who create websites. There are a lot of tutorial and guides that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

19. CSS Tricks


Want to become a CSS guru?

Then CSS Tricks is a great blog to follow. You’ll find guides, forums and even jobs at the site. The jobs are mostly around UI/Frontend Developer.

20. Codrops Blog


Are you passionate about web development?


The you’ll love this blog. Codrops is a web design and development blog that publishes articles and tutorials about the latest web trends, techniques and new possibilities.

21. OverOps blog


Passionate about Java and .NET! Then the OverOps blog is a great place to up your skills.

Recently I stumbled in the article The Top 100 Java Libraries in 2018 – Based on 277,975 Source Files on the OverOps blog. I was left mesmerised.

They also host webinar and you’ll find useful ebooks too.

22. Code The Web


This blog is another blog for Web Developers. They cover HTML, CSS and JavaScripts in a way one can understand.

The articles are well formatted and detailed as well.

23. CodeSignal Blog


This San Francisco based company is trying to change the way developers code through their blog CodeSignal.

It’s a great blog for CTOs, senior developers who are looking into hiring other junior developers.


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