I have curated a list of best chrome extensions for developers. Hope you'll find it useful.

I have been using Chrome & Firefox, since 2012 or something. It has redefined how I browse the internet.

The best part about these browsers, EXTENSIONS.

Yes! Extensions are especially useful for developers. They make things so simple. I really can’t imagine a life without extensions.

Hence, I curated a list of the best chrome extensions, every programmer should install.

Let’s look what are these -

1. UserSnap

UserSnap is especially useful for designers, frontend developers & product managers to provide feedback.

Are you still giving feedback, by taking a screenshot first and then editing it on Paint?

Then! Usersnap will make your life so much simpler. You can annotate, draw, comment and much more using Usersnap.

Download - https://usersnap.com/

2.  iMacros

We are 2018 now. It’s the age of automation.

Meet iMacros!

iMacros can make any routine task simpler. It allows the user to record certain actions like key presses and mouse clicks, save them, and reuse them whenever they want with just a single click.

It especially beneficial for Developers as well as Testers.

Download (Chrome Store)


3. Colour Picker

Colour Picker is a simple extension that tells you the colour code of any element on a webpage. It’s such a simple concept but so damn useful.

I still remember before this extension, taking a screenshot and then finding the colour code by editing the image on Paint (using the eyedropper tool).

It has made my life, so easy. The tool is especially useful for designers and frontend developers.

Download (Chrome Store)

4. WhatRuns

Curious what libraries Apple is using on their website? What language they are using?

Install WhatRuns.

WhatRuns extension lets you know -

1. CMS (Content Management System)
2. Web Server
3. Web Framework
4. CDN
5. Widgets, Font Scripts & much more.

It’s amazing 😁

Visit Website

5. WhatFont

Has there come a time, when you are dying to know which font a website is using?
Yes! Then try Whatfont.

Whatfont is an extension that lets you know, family, size, colour etc. It also detects the services used for serving the web fonts.

It’s an amazing tool for designers & developers.

Download (Chrome Store)

6. User Agent Switcher

Are you looking for a good user agent switcher extension?

Install User Agent Switcher. It has a lot of default user agent strings and there is an option to add your own user agent string as well.

Overall it’s one of the best User Agent Switcher extension out there.

Download (Chrome Store)

7. Sizzy

What if I told you there’s an extension that will show you your designs across multiple viewports in one click?

Meet Sizzy. It helps you view your design on multiple devices. It’s especially useful for front-end developers and designers.

Everything works great, but it has some drawbacks too.

Visit Website


8. Instant Wireframe

This extension helps you, in turn, any webpage into a wireframe with just one click. You can also view websites locally.  

It’s incredibly useful for web developers.

Download (Chrome Store)

9. Dimensions

Dimensions is a great extension for measuring distances between elements on a page. It incredibly useful for testers.

This extension is great for regression testing or making sure the implemented markup matches the provided design specifications.

Download (Chrome Store)

10. EditThisCookie

EditThisCookie extensions help in editing and validating a cookie on a web page. It can also help you protect, block and bulk-edit cookies in one go.

Overall it’s a very useful extension.

Download (Chrome Store)

11. Ghostery

Ghostery scans and tells you trackers, pixels, and any other embedded snippet on a website. You can also choose to block a tracker to protect your privacy.

The UI is great & you can get started without creating an account.

Download (Chrome Store)

12. JSONView

Do you work on JSON?

As a developer reading the raw JSON can be quite awkward. Reading the data in a tree view is way easier than raw.

JSONView extension lets you validate and view JSON documents.

Download (Chrome Store)

13. Restlet Client - REST API Testing

They Restlet Client is designed and developed by developers for developers to make direct HTTP / REST resource discovery, testing and test automation easier.

Restlet Client’s main functions include:

- API Testing
- API Automation etc

Overall the extension is very useful for backend developers. More than 4 lakh+  people use the extension.

Download (Chrome Store)


14. Augury

This is especially useful for Angular developers. It extends the functionality of Chrome Dev Tools by adding tools for debugging and profiling Angular applications.

More than 2 lakh people use Augury.

Download (Chrome Store)

15. LightHouse

LightHouse helps devs to audit webpages. It helps in improving the performance, quality, and correctness of your web apps.

When auditing a webpage, Lighthouse runs a barrage of tests against the page and then generates a report on how well the page did.

Download (Chrome Store)


I hope you liked our list of chrome extensions. Hope they’ll help in improving your productivity.

Feel free to share your suggestions by emailing me at himanshu@aircto.com or tweeting us at @aircto.