The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a public health emergency for Zika virus. This is surely a bad news, because it can cause some serious issues like paralysis and birth defects. Sure as shooting we all need to take care strict precautions to prevent it. Likewise, we need to key out the bad candidates who may bring havoc on any organisation, just as Zika virus brings serious illness in human body.

Here are the common traits that you may find in the bad candidates.

Indifferent attitude

Employees should be passionate about their work to maintain a required pace in constant changing business environment. If this passion is absent in the interview itself then by no means can a candidate live up to any expectations required in the job. Make sure to notice any excitement in your candidate’s response, and if there is a plain and deadening conversation in the entire interview then no wonder, the candidate is not meant to be present as an employee in your organisation whatsoever. Passion is the key source to drive results, and keeps an employee going through the hard knocks.


Confidence is the trait that every hiring manager should cast about for in the candidates. But, you should get a clear red signal if a candidate is more inclined towards coming up with overly confident answers, which is quite apparent in their self promoting statements and overly hyped facts. Their extravagant claims hold the potential to disturb the functioning of operations.

Pessimist behavior

In the world where new ideas are turning into big ventures, negativity has no space in it. One just simply can not neglect the possibilities of achieving big out of a slender entity. A candidate whose focus is rather on barriers and hurdles to succeed, would possibly be a premier reason for skepticism in the team. A candidate who has habitual tendency to deny or oppose suggestion can never be the fit in any team. Some individuals see the glass half full, and there are some who see the glass half empty, but it is nearly impossible to share a work space with people who are always shooting holes in the glass.

Unwilling to learn

You may have hired the best candidate that you think has all the knowledge and skills which is prerequisite for the job, but all your hard work would go into pitfall if the candidate had no potential to learn new things. Change is inevitable in every field of work, thus you want to make sure that your team should have the outlook to adopt and skew their skill set.

Plays blame game

Pointing fingers at others for your own mistakes is a big sign, in fact a nylon one, that your candidate would bring the negative environment and repulsive ambiance in your organisation. You can start off by analyzing their answers to the question like - “What were the things that you didn’t like in your previous job?” If the answer more or less revolves around pinpointing the mistakes of others and excessively complaining about work style then that candidate may not be the good fit in your organisation.

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