Automation in HR is not a distant dream anymore, it’s already here!

Every day we are trying to ease our day-to-day jobs with automation so that we have time to focus on the more important problems. We have seen chatbots greeting us as we visit a website, we are using AI generated suggestions while shopping, and very soon we might see driverless cars picking us up from our front door.

According to a recent study by ServiceNow, 2018 will be the Year of Automation for Routine Enterprise Work. That means organizations are looking to introduce more automation to more and more departments.

So, why Automation is important in HR, and why should we bother about it?

Sadly, many employees complain that response from the HR department is often delayed and that the process is not efficient. And HR, is no doubt one of the most important departments of any organization.

So, when it comes to Automation in HR, where are we heading? And, which is the direction that we should take.

This is what the HR Leaders think about Automation in HR,

HR function needs to be deeply involved in preparing for the rise in automation not only to tackle the issue of redundancies but also on reskilling and capacity-building, much as it does today only at a faster pace.

Arvind Thakur
Jt. MD & CEO,
NIIT Technologies

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Most HR processes can now be automated, and that requires the role of HR professionals to evolve. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of communicating to HR staff that automation will provide them with more time to work on high-value activities such as high-touch employee services, career development, and organizational design rather than spending time dealing with routine cases.

Allan Leinwand,
Chief Technology Officer, ServiceNow

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Artificial Intelligence can supplement human judgment and make us more effective. Imagine being able to match people to jobs that maximize their potential. Or to help HR organize the most effective teams or create a new organizational structure that maximizes employee engagement.

Abhijit Bhaduri,
Author, Ex-CLO, Wipro

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The time for HR Chatbots is coming soon. 2018 might be the year when this trend picks up! It could involve chatbots who guide employees on career moves or even do preliminary interviews. There are already portals which have chatbots that help people in their job search. So this is an HR technology trend that we are likely to see.

Achal Khanna,

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning will play a strong role in recruitment and career development process.These technologies will help employees map and start their career path with an emphasis on diverse experiences.

Shraddhanjali Rao,
Head of Human Resources, SAP India

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The power of automation in HR is when it is smartly built into systems in such a way that each employee gains from the inputs of others around her. In my mind, there are two big areas in HR that are naturally ripe for AI and automation: recruitment and performance management.

Krishnamurthy Shankar,
Executive Vice President, HRD, Infosys

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AI and ML are two essential tech-trends that need to be embraced for driving inch-perfect decision-making and effective people management. Disinclination towards digital HR can prove disastrous to an overall business; therefore, the HR industry should equip itself for an AI/ ML-powered future as these technologies, if combined with human capabilities, would bring on more intelligent HR solutions.

Anupam Jauhari,
VP - HR, Infogain

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Now artificial intelligence is going to transform a lot of HR activities. A lot of Technology change is happening around and artificial intelligence is going to have a material impact on the way the jobs get created.

Vineet Nayar,
Founder, Sampark Foundation
Former CEO, HCL Technologies

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Automation has left its mark in HR and will continue doing so over the coming years. We are in a very interesting time right now where we are witnessing a lot of disruptions, and it looks like we are going to be a part of it very soon.

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