One of the biggest challenges faced by the HR department is the attrition rate in the organization. Apart from losing valuable workforce, the company loses out on time, money and effort in recruiting, re-training and conducting unscheduled interviews from time to time. What can the HR do to control the attrition?

People look beyond salary

Today an employee is not satisfied merely by a fat paycheck. They look at what benefits the company offers apart from the financial payback. Perks like health benefits, employee stocks, gym, free food, cab facility, etc. help the employee gauge the organization as to how it treats its employees. This might look like an overhead to the organization initially, but the long-term benefits of providing these perks will be employee loyalty and decreased attrition rate.

Regular appraisals and salary growth

Employees wish to climb the career ladder and also grow money-wise. If the career and salary are stagnant, that takes out the zeal to work. Employees look out for other jobs which would satisfy their career growth and financial needs. Hence the HR should make sure the company revises its pay scale regularly, and the salary of the employees is at par with the industry standards. Regular appraisals help the manager measure the employee’s efforts and also help him climb the career ladder.

Rewards and Recognition

Every one of us yearns for appreciation and recognition for a good job done. Employees should be generously appreciated for their exceptional contributions and work well done. HR could organize a meeting every month and announce the employee of the month and may also recognize a few other employees who did a good job that month. The reward could be either a fixed amount of money or some gift cards or event passes.

Recruitment strategies

The age old tradition of recruiting still continues. The hiring manager looks for the required qualification and experience to suit the role. But I feel once this criterion is satisfied, the HR should look at the personality and career goals of the employee. You can determine if the employee loves hopping jobs or is of the kind who is more committed, driven and capable. Professional recruitment consultants like aircto can help you implement recruitment strategies to recruit the best of talent for the job role.

Exciting and friendly workplace

Employees quickly get bored with the familiarity and monotony of their work and office life. The HR department can ensure that the employees are offered challenging tasks, to make their job more exciting. HR should be ready to make the employee work in cross-functional teams. This gives the employee a chance to explore new arenas and accept new challenges in work.

Frequent team activities, training and outings also help the employee feel excited and energized about work. A break from the daily routine helps them get back to the grove with a new zeal and enthusiasm.

Train the bosses

I hope most of you have heard that employees don’t leave the organization, they leave their bosses. Yes, most often the employees are unhappy about the way their supervisor treats them. It is important that the HR creates a conducive environment for the employees and their supervisors to work. The HR can train the managers and help them build a good rapport with their subordinates. This measure can contribute to control the attrition rate to a large extent.

Adopt the flexibility policy

I agree there should be a framework of rules and regulations for the smooth functioning of the organization, but some rules can be relaxed. If you are not in a client facing role, timings, dress code, etc. do not matter much. Of course, deadlines are of importance, but not the regular 9 to 5 schedule. If the managers and the employees have an understanding and get their job done, work timings need not be strict. Employees should also be given the option of telecommuting, which helps them stick on to their company.