You have a growing company which is proud of what it is doing and the team behind the company couldn’t be better. The company is growing and you have to find more people for your team, but it seems like everybody you want is already working with you. Does that mean the market can’t offer the people you need or you just can’t find them? The market is a vast space filled with numerous talents and all you have to do is find the ones you want. The experts you are looking for aren’t that easy to find because they are wanted by other companies. To attract them you have to develop a good branding strategy.

Now, why branding strategy? Today you can find everything on the internet. That means when someone is interested in your brand (as a customer or future employee) he will go online and “google” your brand. If the image they see on the internet looks good, they will proceed to contact you. That is the reason why you have to develop a good branding strategy if you want to attract the good people to the team. So, what are the steps you have to do?

Maintain good social profiles

People will try to find you on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin and if you don’t have updated social profile it means you don’t see the value of the internet for your business and that is not something people want to see. Internet and social profiles (especially Linkedin) are important. They are one of the most popular steps toward brand’s representation to the public.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to post pictures and hashtags every day. It means you have to provide valuable information about your company on the internet. It has to have your general information like contact information, address, reviews... People will try to find your company on Facebook before they start to “google” your website because they want to see your social impact on others. That can sometimes be crucial in attracting top talents to your brand.

Social interaction in the office

Having a good work atmosphere is very important because a person who is interested in you as the future boss will ask around. That means that he will hear if you have a healthy work atmosphere in the office. But, you have to keep in mind that on one positive thing he hears about your company, he will hear 5 negative.

Your job is to make those negative things so small that he won’t mind. For example, if you have a good work atmosphere in the office but you have an awful coffee he won’t mind. But if you have a bad work atmosphere and a great coffee, he will run away from your company.

Brand is good as the people behind it

If you have a good team with people who love what they do you won’t have problems with attracting top talents. We all know that brand is built by the people. That is why things like foosball tables and air hockey in the office aren’t the main reason why someone is coming to work for you. Those are only perks one company has because they are good and they can afford to be different from other brands on the market.

Having a good workplace with people who love what they do is the true branding strategy you can have to attract and keep top talents around you.

So, how many of these strategies have you applied already? If you are an employer and are looking to build a new team
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