Are you fed up of spending money on Recruitment Agencies and Job Portals?


The per hire cost factor for India has been measured to be about Rs. 25500 nearly for all the industries.

Wouldn’t you wish, candidates applying themselves to your company rather than you hunting them down?

Don’t worry, we will be sharing below the 7 best ways you can use attract the top talent to your company. Before diving into the tips, let’s see why attracting talent to your company is so important.

The number one reason is “increasing competition for talent”.

A recent survey on Quartz side found that 36% of organizations around the world reported a shortage in talent, the highest rate seen in over seven years.

Attracting top talent is also important because you can then save money spent on sourcing the candidates.

Let’s look at the best practices below -

Building an interesting Career’s page

I see many few companies spending time in building a good career page. It’s simpler than you might think it to be. It’s as simple as sharing videos and images about the culture followed in your company on the page. These photos and videos definitely have an impact on the initial interest of the candidate.

These steps help a lot in attracting more interested candidates. You should also consider adding a live chat application or mention some support email which can be used by candidates can get their doubts cleared.

You can refer to Aertrip’s careers page as an inspiration. They have done an amazing job from the startup point of view.

Case studies and Interviews

Who doesn’t like stories? Everybody likes it!

What does a candidate want out of a career page? Apart from getting to know about the job opening, he/she is also interested in knowing how is it like working in the company, and the culture followed there.

Here’s a video from Ola as an example:

Apart from putting these videos on the career’s page, you can also put these videos on your YT Channel and other Social Media platforms.

Talent Pool Newsletter

Has there been a situation when you interested in hiring a candidate but you can’t because either doesn’t have an opening for that position yet or maybe your company can’t afford it then?

If the answer is yes, then a newsletter can be really helpful to be connected with these candidates.

Here’s are the steps you should take to create such a newsletter-

  1. Identify the candidates which you are interested in hiring for your organisation. After identifying the right candidates, add all of them to a mailing list.
  2. Send personalised emails to this list.
  3. The mail could be about new job openings, events or company updates.

The main aim is to build a strong relationship through the newsletter.

Starting Internships and Summer Jobs Programs

Most companies don’t give a second thought to starting an “Intern Program”. But it can be beneficial in a lot of ways -

Finding future employees

An Intern program can help companies have an ongoing pipeline of future full-time employees. It gives a platform to discover candidates that can potentially be a great fit for your company.

Increase in Employee-Retention rate

According to NACE's 2009 Experiential Education Survey -
Almost 40% of employers reported a higher five-year retention rate among employees they'd hired via their internship programs.

Cost Effective

By using sites like Internshala you can hire interns at a very affordable cost. This cost is considerably less when compared to hiring full-time employees.

Employee Referral Program

One of the best ways you can attract talent is by creating an employee referral program. According to the study on RecruiterFlow blog, a company can decrease the hire time by 40% if the candidate is referred.

Let’s see at the other benefits of such a program -

Hire better and faster

Most of the times the referred candidates perform better when compared to non-referred one’s. According to a study by achievers, the chances of a referred candidate getting fired decrease by an average of 350%!

Overall these candidates tend to fit in better than non-referred candidates.

Gain early access to Talent

If you want to succeed in hiring you should start engaging with talent even before they are looking for employment. You can do this in multiple ways.

-Visiting College Campus

-Offering Internships

-Arranging workshops or events

Or it can be any other innovative way using which the recruiting team can have interaction with the talent.

Use Social Media

If you have a decent following on Social Media, you can leverage that to attract talent. Many companies like Zomato and TVF have leveraged Social Media to hire people.

Most of the times these campaigns are quite successful. The best part you need not spend a penny into the process.



Hope you understand now, Why attracting talent is necessary and what are the best ways to do the same.

The less you rely on third-party sources for recruitment, the better.