Every recruitment day is hectic for the employees who are scheduled to be interviewers. They are running around with their project deadlines and this comes somewhere in the middle asking to shift all the priorities of the week or worse, weekend.

Interview day comes and we all know usually the top developers are chosen firsthand to be the judges of future manpower. Let's take a pause here and think.

Most of the times these top developers are so much into what they are doing that they forget or ignore what kind of tests or interviews would point out the best candidate. Being a good interviewer doesn't necessarily come from being a good developer.

A titan would judge every fighter through his titan scale, which would obviously turn everyone down. While the interview we are not looking for rockstars, there might not be any rockstars out in the hall; we are definitely looking for someone who can fill the shoes perfectly.

Interviewing or better put questioning people to judge their levels of understanding is not the same as fixing an incredible bug. Interviewing skill comes with the experience of meeting a lot of new people in the job, working with them as they grow and then judging who can grow into what. Vetting the skills of candidate calls for altogether a different approach than coming up with a great algorithm.

Interviewing is a demanding technique to learn. One has to drill down every possible skill set of candidates and bring forth the perfect analysis of the same. Thus, a developer who is adept at interviewing knows every itsy-bitsy parameters of the technical interview. Being an experienced interviewer, he has pretty much unblemished knowledge of each and every aspect of an interview.

Experience plays a big role in achieving the dexterity of gauging the skill set of any candidate. It does help in honing the skills of interviewer, and it is pretty visible as well. The knowledge that comes from observation or participation is invaluable to any series interviewer.

In fact, it's more of an experiential learning than of an objective decision. Not every top developer is a good interviewer and the corollary is equally true.

We all remember the popular picture below. This is not just a picture mocking the exams but it also undermines the ability of a judge who can't look beyond a tree into a more realistic problem.

Not everyone who climbs a tree will fit perfectly into the job we are rooting for. Some of them might be good at re-imagining the tree itself and transform the problem into a much simpler one. A genius developer might question them on dark matter and leave out the potential recruit for an unreasonable question.

Let the developer do his job, we at Aircto have experts who have years of experience in vetting the technical skills of the candidate and they require not much effort in zero in on the perfect one out of pool of many. They are interview rockstars, who know what to look for.