A job is a not a lifetime action that just earns money. It used to be this. Now it has changed a lot. A job defines us. A career is a small life we live inside a large version of our real life.

Life needs significant attention and care to make it better every second. This smaller version of life has really taken hold of all of us.

We are donating a bigger portion of our time for our smaller version of it. Well, I don't want to follow it up with an agree or disagree question, as I know what I am really into.

Being offered a job is our first step towards beginning our small life. We choose a career carefully, we work on it meticulously to move forward and feel fabulous every second. While these careers are important for us as candidates and employees let us pause for a second and think about the employers.

Are they getting what they paid for? Certainly yes. (or for the moment let us assume). Are they asking what they really want or are they keeping it away from us (though not intentionally)? The answers start from the beginning of everything.

When you want to prepare for an interview, you don't go through all your material from your courses, but only things relevant to the interview and only those which can be tested within a very short time.

And almost all the interviews go according to this common thread, no doubt. It is okay because you so desperately want the job and you know how to get it.

The mistake or if it can be called a possible improvement is from the questioner's side. When an interviewer wants to conduct an interview. What does he/she do? Do they google the questions or act like real experts in the interview?

An expert needs only one question to conduct the interview and assess the candidate. As he knows all the possible moves after his move, he is ready to tackle anything posed in front of him.

When you buy a piece of fish you make sure that it is not stale, as fresh as possible and of the best shape. When a fish has these many follow-up tests, let's just wonder.

Even though many interviewers are experts they miss out on certain things which could really help bring the best from the candidate. It is time to realize and act.

The first candidate to come out of the hall can educate the rest of the parade on the interviewer's expectation. This case should strictly be criticized. Believe it, you must, that most of the tech interviews in college and other levels happen this way.

It is an ecstatic experience to be interviewed by an expert. It happens not every now and then. Be cherished if you get one.

This throws light on our other posts that, only the candidate who cracks the interview gets the job, not the candidate who is the perfect fit. To get rid of all these misfits and mismatches, the experts need to their homework before their interview.

This completely eliminates the experts from a field 'A' who want to interview a candidate in a field 'B'. When this happens, it is a nightmare for everyone in the room.

It is not just the candidate who needs preparation before the interview.

The art of building an interview is esoteric and rare. The way of conducting this beautiful conversation called interview is also a gift but you must believe me that it can be built in a genuinely interested person.

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