Hello, folks! As you all know, we at AirCTO are helping companies in getting the best technical hire for their team. For those who do not know how we do it, well, we have a super awesome panel of experts from top product companies who vet these candidates and a completely automated system, which helps you in making the best hiring decision.

Now, we have been missing an important part of this funnel, i.e Sourcing of good resumes. For those who have ever done a hiring for any position, must be knowing what a great pain it is. Getting quality candidates is indeed a challenge. We realized this problem in the course of the 1000+ interviews done by us.

Some of the resumes sourced by our clients were not upto the mark of the job description. And some of our clients struggled with getting the “right” person for their team. Some even requested us that we start sourcing as well; but we couldn’t do that as we want to be more focused on one of the other critical problem, interviews.

But at the same time, we wanted our clients to have quality candidates as well. After a lot of brainstorming sessions, we came up with the best possible idea, i.e partnering with Recruitment Agencies, who would be our friend and help our clients in sourcing resumes.

So, after a month, and a lot of meetings, we are super excited to announce that we have our own trusted Recruitment Partners now, who can help you with getting great guys in your hiring funnel. Well, let’s see who they are:


A leading name in the field of recruitment, they are headquartered in Bangalore and are operating since 2013. Multi Recruit aims at delivering a highly focused and capable workforce to their clients who can achieve their mission-critical projects.

Also, their alternate hiring channels gives them the unlimited ability to access almost every job-seeker in India. They have four solutions which can be customized according to your budgets and hiring needs. If you are on a tight budget and plan on hiring great candidates, they are your go-to guy.

They are working with 200+ clients, few of them being Zoho, DigitalOcean, AutoGrid etc. You can find more details about them here: https://aircto.com/partners/multirecruit


Our trusted partners based out of Mumbai helps you to identify the right talent through demonstrable skills & find you the right cultural fit. They are specialized in IT hiring and proposes you the best industry pricing.

Want to know an interesting fact about them? Jobfactors is an all-women HR team focused on providing best in class HR services to startups. So, if you are a startup and looking to hire some kick-ass engineers, Jobfactors is definitely the consultant for you.

They are working with 100+ clients, few of them being Toppr, Inscripts, Retalio, HolaChef etc. You can find more details about them here: https://aircto.com/partners/jobfactors

V3 Staffing

V3 Staffing is a Hyderabad-based leading Recruitment solutions company. Their client base comprises the biggest Multinationals, Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 Companies. They provide you with rightly screened candidates who fits into your company culture.

They provide you a cost-effective pricing purely depending on the number of people you want to hire in each time frame and on the skill set. They will provide you with a different pricing if you want to partner with them exclusively.

Some of their clients are, Tech Mahindra, Google, Johnson Controls, EPAM, L&T Technologies, Cognizant etc. So, if you are a corporation looking to source, interview and hire great candidates, we can provide you a complete package.

We strongly believe that in this digital era, great engineers are the foundation of any successful company, and it all start with quality resumes and quality evaluation. This is our next step in doing that.Together, with our awesome partners, AirCTO can now provide you end-end technical recruitment solutions.