If you happen to be working in a fintech company then the sudden and extravagant chain of events shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. The bold and assailant move to demonetize high-value notes of 500 and 1000 by the government of India has toppled the entire nation. The decision was made to curb the ever increasing corruption rate in the country, but it has taken a toll on the citizens as well. The unexpected cash crunch has resulted in unwanted chaos, as the country does not follow the barter system anymore. Hence, the circulation of cash is necessary for buying and selling goods.

In midst of all problematic disarray, a ray of hope could be seen through the fintech companies like Paytm, Mobikwik, PayUmoney and many more e-wallets. There is no doubt fintech companies have wholeheartedly welcomed the daring move of the government. Some of them even went out to express their positive views on social media channels.

Much to their joy, these companies have witnessed steep growth in terms of number of users and overall revenue. Consequently, they need to scale up their workforce with a view to meet the amplified demand. In fact, these fintech companies have started looking for a large pool of talents already.

"We are ramping up on the talent side to meet this demand and are hiring in some key management positions, adding more than 100 engineers from campuses post the November 8 announcement," - Mrinal Sinha, chief operating officer, MobiKwik. - Source

It is not an easy job to hire the large number of candidates, especially engineers and developers because it takes a significant amount of time and effort to vet the technical skills. Hence, companies should look for some helpful resources and follow certain parameters to close the available positions.

Write a detailed job description

More often than not, when companies hire in bulk then the available positions are of limited roles. Hence, companies should take advantage of this fact and must prepare an elaborated job description that explains all the major skills that they want in a candidate.

A right job description can attract the right talent

Take help of your engineers and hiring managers to jot down all the significant bullet points and make sure to format it clean. Here is the detailed post on how to create the ideal job description to hire the right candidate

Source candidates on the effective platform

Sourcing candidates is one the challenging jobs of a hiring manager. The task becomes even more daunting for them if they couldn’t find relevant resumes on the job portal. You can’t find mangoes on the tree of oranges. It is necessary that one must align the hiring requirement with the right sourcing platform. If you are a startup then AngelLlist is your best bet, and if you are specifically looking for engineers then the right strategy is to look for candidate’s Github and Stackoverflow profile. One could also take advantage of social media channels to source the right candidates. We have covered one post on it: Social media recruiting

Get the help of useful resources to save time

Since hiring managers have put all their efforts in sourcing the relevant candidates, they must have got plenty of resumes stack up in their mailbox. Given the urgency of hire, it is very inefficient to interview all of them and involve your own engineering team (that by the way must be busy in the product building.) in the interview process. It is always better to take help from outside resources in the time of need. Companies can look for services like that of Aircto which provides on-demand technocrats and engineers to specifically interview the candidates.

Aircto is a very efficient and prompt service. Their experts understand our requirement and make sure they select the candidate who best suits us with a clear and precise feedback.

Arpita Das

HR Manager, Kuliza

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