Can games have a positive effect on the productivity of employees? Is it beneficial or harmful for the team engagement? The tale may have a sad ending if we do not come up with a plausible answer. The Productivity of employees is at stake and we certainly can not let it go down hill. This tale is about employees who are not certain if they require a foosball table.

The tale could be boring, so we decided to present the solution to their problem instead. Let's see how games or foosball, for that matter, help employees in their productivity.

Helps in improving productivity

Why do you need to drink coffee during working hours? Probably to stay active so that you can be efficient in your work. It is a really simple and plausible statement. Right? In the midst of different techniques to stay productive for long hours, we generally don’t pay much heed to any table-top games like foosball or table tennis. Which is quite interesting because these games have the major contribution in increasing productivity of employees. Continuous hours of work may become tiring, thus playing games for even 30 mins could make a lot of difference in the productivity.

Keeps the employees motivated

If I have to find the best thing in these games then my answer would definitely point to the score and achievement. The joyful feeling you get when you beat your opponent is just wow! When you work with carrying this very feeling then there is no doubt you would excel in your performance. This is why we have competition in every field. After all, it encourages the healthy motivation and drives individuals to work hard.

A cool corporate image

Another reason to include games like foosball to include in your work area is to attract potential candidates. People do like to work in a fun filled environment and having a foosball table at your workplace is definitely an adapt definition of a cool workplace. For example, Google is famous for its swanky and cool office. One of their whacky offices even has a mammoth slide. How cool is that? Certainly, you don’t need a freakishly big slide to decorate your workspace, but believe me any effort in making the workspace cool will be highly appreciated by your employees.

Induce creativity

Creativity is absolute indispensable at the work. This is the reason why companies prefer candidates with an exceptional creative aptitude. Interestingly, playing games with your teammates stimulates creativity. This enhanced creativity can then be utilized in the work as well. Companies do know this fact and appreciate the presence of games in their workplace, so much so that these games have become an essential part of the work curriculum.

Vitalize internal communication

Playing games with a team creates a friendly environment, which is an essential factor for having a strong internal communication. Work doesn’t seem like a work if you have a friendly bonding with your teammates. All this adds up to the performance of employees and their efficiency. If you enjoy what you are doing and have a positive vibe around you then no way will you face any sort of difficulties while completing the milestone.

Helps in honing the leadership skill

We all know how crucial leadership skills are when it comes to managing people under you or to taking the initiative. One fact that keeps you engrossed is that the games also help in improving the leadership skill in the individual. Defining the game strategy, planning an elaborative plan of action for a competition, and guiding your teammates through difficult game moves clearly call for an excellent leadership skill. You do not just play a game, but also make it a self-learning platform for you and everyone in the team.