Having an experience of more than a decade, Hughson Simon is a Python veteran who helps us in taking python interviews with a great ardor. His zeal for taking technical interviews is so strong that even after taking more than 500 interviews he doesn’t show even the slightest sign of boredom.

In a quick and candid interview with Aircto, Hughson shares his thoughts on being a great interviewer and what he expects from the candidate in an interview. He also brings up one interesting talent of him that even we aren’t aware of. Let’s start off with his background first.

Interestingly, Hughson started off his career as a c++ developer where he had to work in just one particular model, which he obviously didn’t like. He then went on to learn PHP wherein he enjoyed interacting with other components like databases. It had opened a whole new fascinating world for Hughson and, as expected, he never looked back. Now, he holds a position of Software Architect at Infosys.

Talking of his interview strategy and process, he mentions some relevant and important ideas that are crucial while interviewing candidates. “First, I look thoroughly at the Job description provided by the company and see how well it connects with the candidate's profile.”

Hughson strongly recommends that the candidate should know the implementation of the code because that’s what differentiates a good backend developer to an ordinary developer. “Anyone can write a code, but the candidate must be smart enough to make the code as a reusable component.” He also stresses on the fact that the candidate must have a good command on the OOPS concepts and some knowledge of front end technologies as well. “Everything is cloud based these days. It becomes easier to work in a cloud based environment if one knows some frontend technologies as well. ”

Hughson is well versed with the Python, but he doesn’t let his strong knowledge come in between the interview. “I don’t expect a candidate to know everything. A good interviewer should be able to gauge the level of a candidate and ask the questions according to his technical acumen”

In a second paragraph, I talked about Hughson’s secret skills. Well, here it is. He has a keen interest in sports and a skilled volleyball player as well. So basically he is good at both digging the volleyball and candidate’s profile.

You can check his LinkedIn profile here. Click here