A Java veteran who has experience in writing endless lines of code and an applaudable aptitude of interviewing candidates. Meet our Java expert, Saurabh Arora, who knows how to conduct interviews immaculately. He has experience of more than 8 years in Java and J2EE technologies.

Speaking of his academics, Saurabh did his engineering from YMCA Institute of Engineering and obtained various prestigious Java certification such as SCJP (Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform, SE 6) and OCWCD (Java EE 5 Web Component Developer Certified Professional) along the way in his career. He is also an author at JavaCodeGeeks where he has published various insightful articles on Java. Currently, he holds the position of Lead Implementation Developer at OneShield. Prior to his current job, he had enjoyed various senior roles at organisations like Capgemini, Aricent Group and Sapient Global Markets.

In an open interview with Aircto, Saurabh discusses his interview strategy and the skills he looks in the candidate. Saurabh describes his affection towards programming as the driving force for his work. There is always a source of motivation behind a talented individual. His is something different. “I used to play games back in school. I knew I always wanted to create something like this, if not specifically games. It was the year 1999 when I got my first computer. I started playing around and found programming a really interesting thing to do.”

Saurabh believes in conducting a perfect interview, which is why he covers everything in the candidate’s resume. “Whatever skills and work the candidate has written on the resume, I want to know whether he has worked on them or not. This way I get to know how truthful the candidate is.” He also shares his strategy to figure out if the candidate is lying about his skills. “I see the confidence in the candidate while describing his achievements and skills. More often than not, candidates tend to give false answers with much less confidence.”

Saurabh strictly emphasises on having the strong basics because that’s what differentiate a good programmer from the bad one. “Java is just a tool to bring out your creativity in programming. The real challenge lies in implementation. And, if the candidate is not conceptually strong then he won’t be comfortable in the job.”

He also gauges the attitude of the candidate in the interview. “A positive attitude will always help in the long run, but you can not work with the candidate whose attitude is not well aligned with others in the company.”

Saurabh also shares his insightful advice for the candidates. “Candidates should be more comfortable with data structure and algorithmic skills. It brings your IQ to a certain level that other things become much easier to learn.”

You can view his LinkedIn profile here.