When you come across the term Full stack development then there is a slim possibility that you may think of this figure of speech - “Jack of all trades, master of none.” It’s not your fault. We tend to ignore the fact that someone may have the capability to excel in the multitude of things. The finest example of this capability and talent is Mr Subramanyam. He is the Full stack developer who helps Aircto in conducting interviews with his sterling interviewing ability.

In a candid and quick interview with aircto, Subramanyam discusses his passion for coding and sheds some light on the strategies and techniques to make the interview more productive.

In the early days of college, he was passionate in the idea of Linux and open source software development. This very passion got him interested in the programming, so much so that he had participated in numerous coding challenges throughout his college life. He was also the part of GSoC (Google Summer of Code).
gsoc (Google Summer of Code)

Subramanyam started his career with the company called National Instruments where he worked on languages like C and C++. After spending more than 4 years in National Instruments, he got into a few more companies as a Senior full stack developer. Subramanayam has always been a travel enthusiast, thus in order to quench his travelling thirst he decided to do freelance assignments while travelling to umpteen number of exotic locations. He describes himself as a digital nomad. Interestingly, he has attended many digital nomad conferences around the world.

Digital Nomad Conference, Bangkok

At aircto, Subramanyam gets to practice his other passion - Doing interviews. His interview technique is unique because he doesn’t expect candidates to know all the concepts. Instead, he advises, “It is okay if the candidate can not answer certain questions. Rather, the candidate should be honest enough to admit what he doesn’t know instead of dragging the answer without any logical sense.” He strongly recommends that the candidates should be up to date with the current trends in software development. He advises candidates to build a habit to read tech blogs like Codrops, Smashing Magazine, Five minutes of Javascript., etc.

His favorite question that he likes to ask candidates revolves around the concept of Map reduce filter in JavaScript. Though, he prefers to do coding most of the hours in a day, but when time permits he likes to play squash.

You can view Subramanyam's LinkedIn profile here.