With the great team comes the great achievements. Certainly, if your team engagement is great then a company can target to achieve even the most complex goals. A good team engagement encourages the creativity and innovation, which are the must have goals for any organization. Also, it is required to have a positive relationship with each and every team member, for it is the core driver for a day to day motivation.

So what should a team manager or an HR manager do to achieve a good and stable team engagement? Numerous activities are there that can be performed to get the desired quality of team management. Lets look at them one by one.

Keep the activities awkwardness free

Team building activity is the great way to connect and get along with the teammates. But, in the flow of organizing these activities, the HR manager might not consider the comfort level of each individual. For an example, organizing an activity where team members are asked some personal questions. It is always better to keep the activities as uncomplicated as possible. If necessary, find a creative touch and implement it in a subtle manner.

The best of both worlds

Try the best mix of formal and informal talks between your teammates. Being too formal doesn’t bring out much creativity and the real potential at the individual level. Similarly, being too casual can have an adverse affect on the work discipline. So, what do we do? Bring the positive aspects of the both formal and informal talks and try your best to form a new whole of an effective communication. Encourage the friendly environment among your team members and foster the value of discipline among them.

Lunch conversation

One couldn’t find a better place to get along with others than a cafeteria. This is the time where team members unfurl the hesitation or awkwardness and come up with a myriad number of topics to discuss about. And, If possible, request everyone in your team to have lunch at the same time. It will definitely spark an eagerness among your team members to engage in a friendly conversation.

Knowledge sharing activities

It is an another excellent way to develop the professional relationship with a flavour of extra learning. There are a lot of new stuff that each team member learn and practice in the course of any project cycle. Learnings are really important for your personal growth as well as your team’s growth, thus the opportunity to share knowledge at an individual level fosters the healthy bonding between the team members. You can have just 1 or 2 hours in a week dedicated to knowledge sharing and invite all of your team members to be a part of it. We have tried and tested it, and we have learned a lot from these sessions. This is something you should definitely incorporate into your engagement activities.

Group brainstorm is the creative endeavor

The simple and best thing that you can do to solidify team management is to conduct group brainstorm session with your team. When each and every person values the idea of others then these activities automatically become a catalyst in the process of having a healthy team engagement. You never know when someone could come up with an amazingly innovative idea to solve the problem in a brainstorm session. The end result is always fruitful with these sessions, as you always end up getting a lot of creative and progressive approach to the problems.