So, the festival of colors is here again, and we all are pretty much psyched planning about the parties and events that we would attend tomorrow. And above all, this is a long weekend and we could not be happier.

But, pretty much every one of our festivals can be linked to real-life lessons and Holi is no different. Holi has important lessons for a recruiter - might seem strange, but if you think about it, it’s true!!

Reap the sweetness of a good job

Festivals won’t be one without some sweets, right? In Holi too, we enjoy various savories like gujiyas, phirnis and thandais. Now, since we love metaphors, let’s see what are the life lessons that can be drawn from this, or in this case recruitment.

A new financial year is soon to start, and looks like there will be a lot of hiring that is about to happen. And, there must be some pretty great closures that you have done the last year. Now it’s time to look back to the good things and be happy!!

Just like we enjoy by indulging in various sweets in Holi, it’s time to feel great about all the good things that you did and contemplate on how you could have done better. In the end, we need to take some time to feel good about ourselves as well !!

Appreciate, Rejuvenate And Celebrate Those Relationships

Days are hectic and time flies away like anything. There are few occasions when you get a chance to break from the shackles of work and responsibilities and connect back with your family and friends, and holi indeed is one such occasion. Because, you need some time to appreciate your relationships.

As a recruiter, you just don’t connect companies with job seekers, but also engage with them in each and every step, specially for the candidates. You know everything about the candidates, their weaknesses, their troubles, their aspirations etc. You appreciate them and try to maintain a long-lasting relationship with them, trying your best to help them in anyway you can.

And we all can agree that it’s a thankless job! But the biggest asset of a recruiter is the relationship that he/she builds over the years.

Sometimes, you need to take some time out and thank the candidate for trusting you with a major decision of their live and for letting you help them achieve what they want. You’ll be surprised what a small note of appreciation can do for you!

Time to weed out the evils

Holi is basically a celebration of good over evil which we celebrate by burning Holika. Holika was the sister of evil king Hiranyakashipu who wanted to kill his son Prahlad just because he was Lord Vishnu’s devotee. Holika entered the fire with little Prahlad on her lap, but Prahlad came out without any harm.

Just like we clean our homes and start fresh, it’s the best time to start with a new strategy for your recruitment and remove all the evils that’s holding you back. Invest on automating your task, weed out the methods which have not worked for you before and focus on efficiency and productivity. And also, adapt to change, move fast and try out something new in work, the same way you do in life.

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