Build awesome

technology teams

with AirCTO AI and Human powered recruitment platform

Become a superstar recruiter by sourcing, screening and interviewing amazing candidates


Source relevant and quality candidates through our job listing site


Shortlist resumes and screen the candidates through ML and AI powered Chatbots


Get your candidates interviewed by our hand-picked technical experts

Our bot communicates with your candidates through Facebook and Web chat

Puts your entire process of phone screening on auto-pilot & saves your time

Asks smart, precise and real-time follow-up questions to your candidates

Processes 1000s of candidates' raw responses and converts it into meaningful data for you

Our interviewing panel helps you to vet the technical skills of the candidates

Saves countless hours of your engineer's time from interviewing unqualified candidates

Speeds up your hiring process by removing the long and unwanted wait time to fill various positions in your company

Insightful feedback by our hand-picked expert panel on technical skills of the candidates to help you hire the best

Other Features

Shortlist Resumes

The fastest way to screen 100s of resumes to shortlist them based on your custom job requirement

Get Candidates

Share job description for the position you're hiring for and get relevant and quality candidates through our job listing site

Test Assignments

Our technical experts help you create customized test assignments based on the job requirements and product

What people say about us

AirCTO has finally answered 'how I hire my first engineer' for many startups and young tech companies. The panel is impressive and we've never disagreed with any of their evaluations so far.

Nupur Jain

Senior HR Manager, Wingify

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