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Build awesome
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Source relevant and qualified candidates through our meticulous sourcing process

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Screen candidates on repetitive questions with almost no manual overhead through AI Chatbot

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Borrow top engineers and technocrats to conduct 1:1 tech interviews with your candidates

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What people say about us

AirCTO has finally answered 'how I hire my first engineer' for many startups and young tech companies. The panel is impressive and we've never disagreed with any of their evaluations so far.

Nupur Jain

Senior HR Manager, Wingify

I was looking for a tech hiring support when a friend suggested me to use AirCTO. AirCTO has definitely added value to my hiring process. The technical assessments were conducted by industry experts very quickly and efficiently.

Ranjit Bhatia

Founder & CEO, Remedico

AirCTO is a very efficient and prompt service. Their experts understand our requirement and make sure they select the candidate who best suits us with a clear and precise feedback.

Arpita Das

HR Manager, Kuliza

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